AbsoluteSQL database application

general purpose 32-bit database tool based on the ComponentAce Absolute Database engine

Database format: Absolute Database (database engine by Component Ace).
View online Application Manual and SQL Reference.

General features

Comprehensive SQL capabilities.
Zero installation, zero setup, zero maintenance, no DLLs.
Import: BDE (dBase, Paradox, etc.). Delimited Text import (CSV or tabbed; UTF-8/Unicode enabled).
Export: MS Excel. Delimited Text export (CSV or tabbed, UTF-8/Unicode enabled, user selectable ISO Date/DateTime export).
Import/export delimiter: comma, semicolon, tab. Text qualifier: double quotes (optional with export).
ISO Date/DateTime text export optionally overriding system settings.
Data portability: Existing data structure and data can at any time be recreated via full reverse SQL table structure and data definition being fully portable to any SQL competent database system.
Portability to MS Access: As MS Access does not support SQL scripts (sequentially executed SQL statements) Access will depend on table creation from SQL table structure definition and subsequent data import from e.g. delimited text data files.


Dependencies: None.
Optional: Uses Borland Database Engine (BDE) during import if importing BDE-dependent data (dBase, Paradox).
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. 32- and 64-bit.

Download, freeware (no restrictions, no limits, no adds): AbsoluteSQL.zip (v., 2022-06-05)

AbsoluteSQL update history.

DATE and DATETIME provided dd/MM/yy vs. MM/dd/yy sequence adapts to the locally used Windows settings.
ISO-format date imports as current Windows date format whatever the current Windows setting.